Century of Earthquake Engineering

chapterinabook_small_mainpageCentury of Earthquake Engineering, for which invitations will be sent in the near future, will include earthquake engineering, tsunami, blast analyses, seismic assessments, structural reliability, repairing and strengthening of structures, structure-soil dynamic interaction on earthquake issues as well as structural case studies. Prospective authors are encouraged to write a chapter.

However, it is also possible to draw on already published work, adapting this to address the volume theme. Copyright clearance for work that has already been published is entirely the responsibility of the contributing authors, and evidence of such clearance may be required by the publishers when we submit the final draft of the volume.

Each author’s CV with their profile photos will be published at the first page of each chapter. Note that our professional editorial team will format your paper. It is also possible to prepare 10 minutes audio slide presentation (not must) which will be placed in the CD. Audio slide presentations allow authors to explain in their own words what their chapter is about. Prepared book and CDs including all authors’ chapters will be posted to authors’ addresses.

Our books will be sent to 18 different libraries of:
1- Oxford University
2- University of California
3- The University of Tokyo
4- The University of Texas at Austin
5- Kyoto University
6- Stanford University
7- The University of Sidney
8- Politecnico di Milano
9- Purdue University
10- Monash University
11- City University of Hong Kong
12- University of Toronto
13- Cornell University
14- Quesland University of Technology
15- Istanbul Technical University
16- Lund University

Technical Editor

a-ghani-razaqpurProf. Dr. A. Ghani RAZAQPUR
McMaster University – CANADA

B.Sc. (American University of Beirut)
M.Sc. (Hawaii)
Ph.D. (Calgary), P.Eng., FCSCE, FEIC, FCAE


The editors will choose the most promising abstracts from those submitted: the criteria that will be used here are: relevance to the goals set out for the volume, originality of scope, theoretical sophistication, and empirical grounding of the material. We will be aiming to have a broad representation of authors from different contexts/regions, using a range of methodological and theoretical approaches.

Prospective authors will be informed of our editorial decision by 15 May 2016. Feedback will be provided so as to ensure that selected chapters are written in ways that contribute organically to the volume planned.

The first draft of the chapter is to reach the editors by 15 August 2016. Editorial comments will reach authors by 1 September 2016, and final drafts will need to be submitted by 1 October 2016 for onward transmission to the publishers.

Publication fees are 250 USD (150 USD for editorial members and Ph.D. students).

We do hope you will feel able to respond positively to this invitation, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Meggy Graber, Administrative Officer
For A. Ghani Razaqpur, Technical Editor
Century of Earthquake Engineering